The Global Partnership Group G.P.G Limited has two IT services divisions:

  • GPG IT Outsourcing Services – delivered via our subsidiary in South America which provides outsourcing and development expertise worldwide
  • GPG Enterprise Support Services – GPG is an Authorized Service Provider for Information Retrieval Companies and a Strategic Alliance Affiliate for infraWise Inc

GPG IT Outsourcing Services

While the benefits of outsourcing, including reduced costs, access to skilled resources, lower risk and more rapid development, are widely recognised, GPG’s innovative approach offers businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to larger, established companies, more than just outsourcing.

GPG outsourcing services include

  • Application Development
  • Application Support
  • IT Project Management
  • QA and Testing
  • Product translation to Spanish

Larger organisations will benefit from turnkey development and project management at the fraction of the cost. Each project will be expertly tailored to meet schedules and business requirements culminating in business edge over competitors and very significant savings compared with typical rates in Europe, North America, or even India.

However, GPG differentiates itself by offering two additional very innovative pricing arrangements, which are summarised below.

No or Low Cost Development

For selected technology start-ups, which GPG judges to have significant commercial potential, GPG will help develop the business model and consider the provision of development resource at low or no cost, in return for a stake in the future success of the company. GPG has extensive experience assisting clients in online presence, web commerce and related Internet technologies. Furthermore GPG via its Dubai operations, offers legally efficient tax structures NOW, to eliminate or defer future taxes, before the technology start-up becomes a multimillion dollar organization.

At Cost Services

For larger projects requiring 50 man years of development or more, GPG provides an innovative time and materials ‘at cost’ service. GPG will select and hire skilled IT resources on the client’s behalf. The client will pay for the IT resource at cost, which including local social insurance, office insurance and payroll taxes can be as little as $100 USD per day. GPG would be paid an agreed uplift for the project management and when appropriate, infrastructure such as temporary office.

GPG Enterprise Support Services

GPG provides support and services to internationally respected institutions in Europe for infraWise. GPG is an Authorized Service Provider for Information Retrieval Companies headquartered in Chicago USA, and is a Strategic Alliance Affiliate for infraWise Inc in North Carolina.

GPG further provides ITIL expertise so that an enterprise can manage its IT division and stakeholders using a global standard. The processes and automation tools to run Problem management, Change management, and the creation of call centres (help desks) efficiently, have been provided by GPG partners over the last 25 years including public courses and training.

Clients have included:

  • The largest banks in the UK
  • Some of the largest insurance companies in Europe
  • International Airlines
  • Car manufacturing organizations
  • Some of the largest retailers in Europe
  • IBM® (Many, many training courses held on its behalf across Europe)

Furthermore, in 2013, GPG acquired Azam International Technologies, a software company which has developed audio recording/meeting recording software tools to avoid misunderstandings. Please refer to …don’t just say it, Azam IT!