What does all this mean to non HR managers? You are a successful CEO, Managing Director, captain of industry, head of department or senior Government employee. You are respected, accomplished and you’ve been there and done it. GPG will assign a world respected executive coach to work with you one to one in the strictest of confidence. After a few coaching sessions, had you been an athlete, you would then beat your personal best.

You are the leadership team or Board of directors of a respected organization or Government department . The team is respected and accomplished. GPG will assign a world respected executive coach to work with your team in the strictest of confidence. After some onsite visits over a period of a few weeks to fit your hectic time-schedules, had you been a sports team, you would now be doing amazing things and winning international competitions.

If you are an HR Director you clearly understand what everything on this web page is about, however to find out why GPG should be your first point of call for such services, and how GPG can transfer knowledge so that some of the above (excluding one to one executive coaching) can be done in-house, contact GPG today.

Did you know: all of the top 500 companies in the word and most Government agencies in developed nations, have the vision to use the type of services described above?

GPG provides executive coaching support and training for executive boards, management teams and professionals, often as an extension to an organization’s own internal resource. This is underpinned by state of the art research. Methods used are one to one or onsite course workshops. Languages: English (with some Greek language support).

Executive Development

GPG offers a range of executive development services to help leadership teams in Government, organizations and institutions become significantly more effective and capable of managing the challenges of leadership, growth and change in an increasing complex world.

Global Leadership Profile

The Global Leadership Profile (GLP), based on over 30 years of research, is a highly effective assessment of leadership styles and practices that help senior managers and executives explore new patterns of leadership. Conducted by qualified, certified professionals, the GLP is the basis for the development of a series of Action Logics, new ways of thinking which can dramatically improve executive performance and work satisfaction.

Leadership Development

We help senior HR executives and organisational learning executives develop the capabilities of leaders at all levels - particularly their ability to lead across cultures, work collaboratively with other functional leaders, and get better at leading organizational change. A variety of engaging methods are used that have accelerated executive performance over decades, including highly interactive workshops, "action learning" assignments, analysis of leadership moments in popular films, and enlightening small-group discussions.

Senior Management Team Effectiveness

We work with the CEO and the senior management team to make a step-change improvement in leadership team performance. We interview and survey team members and others in the organization to better understand the degree to which they've grasped the underlying complexities of their environment (interpersonal and strategic) that can lead to breakdowns and disunity. Central to our approach is building team member skills in assessment, alignment and intervention. This ensures the team can continue to improve its performance as it faces new challenges.

Executive Coaching

We help line managers by providing challenging and supportive results-driven coaching and advisory services. Often after we conduct in-depth leadership assessments, we help executives develop strategies, tactics, and skills for high performance in their current role while building a foundation in more senior roles. We work closely with line managers, HR business partners, and mentors about how to best help develop each leader.

Other HR services

The GPG Human Resource selection of permanent and temporary staff services, provides one off or turnkey human assets for the Cyprus Energy sector. When Oil was discovered in the North Sea, Norway made the decision to create jobs and train Norwegians so that the country would become self-sufficient in all aspects of this new found wealth. It is the aim of GPG to undertake the same principles for Cyprus and its residents.

Consider utilizing the GPG University intern program. You will get a recently qualified college graduate or a whole team of bright multilingual students for your current plans. This service is scheduled to go live 1st quarter 2014.

And please remember……………

If GPG cannot assist in your particular requirement at this moment in time, we will do our best to find someone that can. GPG will help your organization invent the future with human assets via our global network, GPG partners and by optimizing your own executives.

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