The GPG consultancy services division undertakes projects, often confidential, on behalf of the EU and Government. Some of our partners have also worked with assignments involving the United Nations in New York. A unique specialist skill GPG has is its combined knowledge of commerce, politics (real and corporate), diplomacy and commercial communication/marketing expertise. Rarely can these skills be found together ‘in one’.

Consider utilizing GPG expertize for long-term and short term consulting projects so that your own staff can get the knowledge transfer for the future.

As part of the GPG Executive consulting service, qualified mediation and negotiation experts can also handle tricky problems for your organization.

Communication is traditionally ‘simply putting a point across to get the desired result so as to create an opportunity or effect’. It can also be used defensively when things get tricky by expert negotiation and mediation. GPG believes communication is more than just sales pitter-patter in face to face meetings, the written word, dealing with the media, advertising or speech writing. GPG will expertly advise in all of these areas, however, to get a complicated message across, we can advise on how it fits with the overall picture, not just the ‘now.’

In Cyprus: consider utilizing the GPG University intern program. You will get a recently qualified Cyprus college graduate or even a whole team of ambitious multilingual persons for your current and future objectives. At any time, should you wish to employ a GPG intern, your organization will be free to do so, at no charge. A number of GPG’s interns will be senior executives and leaders of the future, but you can use their services today and help them get there.

Everything described above shows ways GPG provides additional expert resources to your organization for specific needs and challenges. However one of the greatest assets in your organization is its leadership team. GPG will provide state of the art training methods based on scientifically proven techniques, to optimize the performance of your senior executives. Coaching is a key element in the performance of athletes and sports teams and the same is true in the business world. GPG can train the coach or be the coach via one to one training, executive coaching support, and training the management team to work better together, often as an extension to an organization’s own internal resource. Learn more about executive coaching?

If GPG cannot assist in your particular requirement at this moment in time, we will do our best to find someone that can. GPG will help your organization build bridges, and in some cases, tunnels.

Contact GPG in the strictest of confidence to explore the possibilities. Subject to no conflicts of interest, a confidentiality or a ‘State official secrets’ agreement will be executed upon request.