Why Cyprus?

With the national financial restructuring program on schedule and many other important reforms in progress, Cyprus will become an even more business-friendly and attractive environment in which to do business than ever before. The exploitation of large-scale natural gas reserves over the coming years is set to transform Cyprus into one of the fastest growing and prosperous economies in the world. Now is the time to consider incorporating a business in Cyprus.

Cyprus offers highly favorable corporate and personal tax regimes, with the lowest corporate tax rate in the European Union, an advanced commercial infrastructure, a qualified and multi-lingual workforce and a regulatory framework which in accordance with and monitored to European Union standards.

In addition, Cyprus offers a superb lifestyle, with year-round sunshine, beautiful beaches and mountains, many sites of historical importance and friendly, welcoming people. For more information refer to the Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency and in the Americas the The Cyprus Trade Mission in New York, with its extremely helpful and knowledgeable diplomatic staff.


Through its EMEA Now offering, GPG provides a range of high value services to organizations wishing to open a Cyprus based or incorporated company to serve all or parts of Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Company Formation

GPG can assist with company formation, providing services through qualified Cyprus company formation agents and providing referrals to known and trusted bankers, lawyers, accountants and auditors. Typically, we provide these services at low cost as part of our approach to building partnership relationships with our clients.

Interim Management and Directorships

In many cases, organisations which are expanding or entering new markets face leadership and/or operational challenges in the execution of their plans. GPG can provide, on an interim or longer-term basis, experienced senior and C-level executives, typically with 25+ years experience in similar roles, to fill this void. We can also provide both executive and non-executive directors. It is important to note that the engagement of a GPG executive effectively provides access to the knowledge, experience and capabilities of GPG as a whole.

Billing Services

GPG offers an established and trusted billing service, across the EMEA region, to companies who engage a large number of small suppliers or individual contractors or consultants. Structured under a single company umbrella, GPG billing services are based on an escrow type agreement that provides security to our client and its suppliers, while collecting, delivering and apportioning revenues in an efficient, tax effective and legal manner. Furthermore, as part of this package, our client receives interbank market spot rates on currency exchange and not the exorbitant 3-5% exchange charged by many banks.

GPG will help build these bridges. More information? Contact GPG